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  • 100 - 500 employees
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Technology

What it does: Technology-driven trading
Staff stats: 500 + 
The good bits: The bright people and flat structure
The not so good bits: The fast pace can be intimidating 
Hiring grads with degrees in: Engineering, Maths, IT & Computer Sciences

The IMC story

IMC launched on the floor of the Options Exchange in Amsterdam in 1989 with the aim of using technology to make markets more efficient. Nowadays, the company describes itself as a “technology-driven trading firm”. One that develops “innovative technology and employs advanced trading strategies to make markets on more than 100 of the world’s best-regulated trading venues”.

IMC now has offices in Chicago, Hong Kong, and Sydney as well as Amsterdam.

IMC’s cutting-edge systems and advanced trading strategies reduce transaction costs by ensuring tighter spreads between bid and offer prices. Supported by its own capital, IMC also conducts large volumes of transactions in a multitude of securities on multiple trading platforms across the world.

The culture

IMC aims to “hire smart people from diverse backgrounds and create a unique culture where they can have an impact as they develop to their full potential”.

Social contribution

IMC supports global aid initiatives and donates to projects promoting talent development for underprivileged children. It also supports the philanthropic ventures its employees around the world get involved in.  

On a global level, IMC has prioritised supporting literacy drives in countries such as Tanzania and Haiti. In Australia, IMC has donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation.

The recruitment process

IMC runs both Graduate and Internship programs for traders and software developers. It offers 10-week internships over the Christmas holidays. It’s not essential to have completed an internship to be offered a graduate traineeship but it helps! IMC has been ramping up its recruitment efforts in recent years, aiming to “hire exceptional graduates from the world’s best universities”. To be considered for a graduate traineeship you’ll need strong results in, computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics or actuarial studies. Like its trading systems, the IMC recruitment process is highly automated. You will first fill in an online application form, attaching your CV, academic transcript and a cover letter explaining why you would be a good fit at IMC. If you make it through the initial screening, you’ll be asked to participate in a series of online assessments. If you do well in those, you’ll be invited to an assessment day at the Sydney office. If that goes well, you’re invited to something called ‘Super Day’ where IMC’s “aim is to make you an offer”.

Graduates start their traineeship with a bang, spending time in one of their international offices for six weeks. Here you’ll get an induction that will “teach you everything you need to set you up for success with a combination of classroom-based courses and simulations.” After returning to the Sydney office, you’ll “be paired with an experienced mentor who’ll help you thrive”, as well as being provided with “all the coaching and mentoring you need to have an impact from day one”.


Like most businesses in the financial sector, IMC pays on results. You’ll get an attractive base salary but the chance to cash-in comes with the annual bonus. Of course, they are dependent on IMC making a profit and your manager believing you’ve played a valuable role in that profit being generated.

IMC also offers all the perks Masters and Mistresses of the Universe expect. You can have a free breakfast and dinner at work. There are also plentiful extra-curricular team-bonding events. Such as concerts, sporting matches, Friday night drinks, and even an annual weekend getaway. There’s paid parental leave and once you’ve clocked up five years’ service you get an extra week of annual leave.   

Career prospects

As might be expected of a firm that needs to stay ahead of the game, IMC hires talented individuals then invests heavily in providing them with the training and professional development opportunities that facilitate optimum performance.

The vibe of the place

IMC’s Australian office is spectacular, with sweeping views of Sydney Harbour. IMC hires the cream of the crop and trusts them to get on with the job. Like many tech-focused businesses, hierarchy is kept to a minimum and all staff are listened to and given the opportunity to have an impact. If you embrace change, like working at a fast pace, are a technophile and want the opportunity to make some serious money, you should enjoy working at IMC.


From the Employer:

Why Work With Us?

IMC is a technology-driven trading firm. Every day our people explore their potential, developing and delivering the systems and strategies that have made us one of the world’s leading liquidity providers. Challenging talent to the limit by daring to imagine how things could be. Our business spans more than 100 trading venues across the world, and our industry plays a critical role in ensuring that markets are fair, reliable and transparent.

Investing In Our People

From offices in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific, a drive to improve and innovate sustains our success and contributes to the functioning of markets. We believe we achieve more together and by investing in our people, we build for the future. What does this mean for you? First, you’ll have the chance to make an impact globally. We collaborate, innovate and explore together as one. Second, we know we’re only as good as our people, so if there’s something new you want to learn, you’ll be supported all the way.

Global Trainee Program

When you start your career with us, your first 6 weeks will be spent in at least one of our international offices with all the new traders and developers from around the world. Our in-house-developed global trainee program will teach you what you need to set you up for success, with a combination of classroom-based courses and simulations. Once back in your home office, you’ll be paired with an experienced mentor who’ll help you thrive in the world of IMC, ensuring you continue to grow and be challenged in your career. Along with a competitive salary package, we’ll ensure you have all the guidance you need to have an impact from day one. Head to our website to find out more about our unparalleled opportunities."


Graduate Review

Overall score based on 9 reviews
Office Work Environment
Corporate Social Responsibility
Office Work Environment
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Working within a talented team to tackle challenging problems.
  • The company culture is amazing. It feels like a family due to all the events and dinners the company sets up.
  • The ability to work on challenging problems with super friendly and smart people combined with an awesome outside of work culture.
  • Great culture.
  • Lots of responsibility, autonomy, and the opportunity to work overseas for a period of time.
  • People here are incredibly smart and always switched on so it can sometimes be intimidating.
  • You are given a huge amount of responsibility from the first day and the fast pace means that you need to work really hard (but your efforts are compensated).
  • High paced work environment can be tiring.
  • Can get intense at times.


  • Sydney
Engineering & Mathematics
IT & Computer Science

Graduate Job

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IMC Sydney Office

Take a sneak peek inside IMC's office at 225 George Street, Sydney.

IMC Sydney Office

Take a sneak peek inside IMC's office at 225 George Street, Sydney.